Campaign and Public Policy Strategy

Driving winning political campaigns
grounded in popular vision, with quick,
proven start-of-term results

Campaigning to win

Veresta works hand in hand with highest echelon political candidates – national, state and municipal – to achieve three leadership goals: earn electoral victory, position for success in office and set the foundation for true national prosperity. Our value-added approach, rooted in public opinion, merges campaign strategy and public policy as one to empower candidates with a focused campaign platform and public relations plan that presents visionary policy. National leaders rely on Veresta to help usher them into office, with a comprehensive toolkit that features the following core capabilities:

Understanding constituents’ needs, opinions and priorities

Developing the right policy to focus on issues that matter most

Constructing your customized communication strategy to appeal to voters and influencers

Shaping the executive and media agenda for maximum effectiveness

Managing crises to minimize impact and stay on course

Managing Election Day like clockwork

Hitting the ground running when taking office