Committed to your success

Veresta is the strategic consulting firm that has gained international attention, charting new courses for concrete, sustainable results. Top office-holders, political leaders and business executives worldwide have selected Veresta strategists to advise them on tackling change head-on, seizing the opportunities that government-leadership turnover and private sector innovation afford to transform their homelands into more productive, faster-developing nations.

Disruptive leaders. Constructive outcomes.

Veresta team members are movers and shakers who have worked at the heart of the action – in the highest public and private sector positions internationally – opening up whole new avenues for success with far-reaching strategies. Veresta team members have run for public office and have managed the election campaigns of incumbent heads of government and challenger candidates with stellar outcomes.

Recognized authorities in policy and infrastructure, Veresta professionals are subject matter experts in public works, services, industry and financial initiatives, and in the synergies between them. Veresta’s calling card is the harmony between courageous thought leadership and hands-on precision implementation.

Advisors who understand the demands of leadership

Veresta consultant portfolios speak for themselves; among the powerhouse team are former senior advisors to prime ministers and presidents as well as senior military leaders. Veresta’s international agriculture pioneers, respected civil planners and global transportation infrastructure authorities have implemented countless projects throughout the world.

Proven methodology. Proven solutions.

Veresta’s time-tested approach takes the national pulse and evaluates the overall political, social and business climate as the core starting point of each engagement. Only after the facts on the ground are clear do the planning and implementation stages proceed.

When it comes time to prescribing the next course of action, Veresta recommendations are leading-edge industry solutions interwoven into the fabric of the country and tailored to each specific situation.

Measurable return

Working with clients in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, Veresta prides itself on delivering to each client a compelling value proposition, which demonstrates tangible, long-term benefits.

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