Agro Peak

Progressive agricultural projects for fertile outcomes

Agro Peak delivers sustainable agricultural planning, management and implementation services around the globe. Governments, non-profit organizations, private enterprises and local farmers throughout the world rely on Agro Peak’s extensive expertise and experience to transform agricultural initiatives into prosperous results for the benefit of local and regional communities. Agro Peak works closely with its clients to develop and implement value-added sustainable solutions targeted specifically to each region and its unique characteristics.

Turnkey services that bear fruit

Agro Peak’s solutions are end-to-end, from feasibility assessment and planning to project management, implementation and training. To ensure success, Agro Peak projects conducted with Veresta integrate financial planning, civil policy, infrastructure and advanced technologies, along with project oversight and implementation. Agro Peak’s holistic approach and technological expertise help ensure that clients achieve high yields at affordable costs with sustainable, continuously improving solutions.

Agro Peak was established by agricultural veterans with a vision to boost agricultural effectiveness to support the growing world population and underserved populations. With their finger on the pulse of technology, continuous research and an innovative spirit, Agro Peak helps communities make the most out of their resources, including land, water, energy and native crops.


Inspiring water solutions, know-how and experience

Committed to bringing humankind’s most basic resource – safe, potable water – to populations across the globe, Israeli innovation has been developing transformational water solutions for over 25 years. Through Veresta's vision and managerial know-how companies design, manufacture, install and commission water and wastewater treatment plants.

A wellspring of solutions

Dozens of Israeli niche companies have been the power behind life-saving interventions and life-building solutions throughout the world, transforming any water source to the desired quality. Veresta identifies the right company for the specific need, offering wastewater treatment, clean drinking water, industrial water sources, emergency relief and grey water recycling, as well as custom solutions to match targeted needs.

Veresta carries the mission of introducing smart water technologies to address many of the planet’s most pressing water problems. We accompany the relevant field experts in engineering new proprietary solutions with a keen understanding of regional requirements, regulations and standards.


Innovating construction with resources at hand

Veresta has mastered the use of enzyme-based soil stabilization, which enables quick, environmentally friendly construction solutions by leveraging local natural resources. The company is on the way to revolutionizing road, housing, building and infrastructure development with ecological road infrastructure, green construction, ecological building materials and soil stabilization solutions. We can offer safe, sustainable solutions that are 100% biological, do not pollute groundwater and promote recycling.

Facilitate effective road construction and refurbishment with dramatic savings: Transforming local soil into all-weather road base raw material, yielding significant savings in cost, time and materials, while reducing carbon emissions.

Enable low-cost housing: Converting on-site soil into building raw material for substantial savings in cement and transportation costs, while supporting local unskilled manpower and promoting self-sufficiency.

Lower infrastructure/concrete/cement material costs: Improving concrete strength while greatly reducing cement content for a wide variety of industry-standard building products. Using the right enzyme properly, saves up to 60% of cement content in concrete.

 Landuse Group


  • AZA Global Investments, USA
  • Cyber Security Group, Israel
  • Friedman Investments, USA
  • VerestaGroup, Israel


To be a leading India based Cyber Security strategic advisory and services firmoffering a comprehensive set of intelligence and technology tools for private industry and government bodies alike to combat evolving cyber threats.


Focus on complex entity solutions
Enterprise specific solutions based on best practices from Israeli military and cyber security eco systems
Access to cutting edge technology from Israel and USA
A trusted and practical partner from start to finish


  • Establish Operational Offices: Hyderabad, India
  • Research Wing: Israel & India
  • Cyber Academy India, Phase 1: Hyderabad, New Delhi
  • Cyber Academy India, Phase 2: Pune
  • Cyber Academy Mexico –Latin America: Mexico City, Panama
  • Initial Contract Market & Security Operations Center: India
  • Secondary Contract Market: Europe, Mexico and Central/South America, Middle East, Southern Asia, Africa
  • Long Term Market: United States of America
  • Israel Security Operations Center available for use by private companies
  • Establish Country specific Security Operations Center if required by contractual




Security Type Analysis

  • Network
  • Cloud
  • Wireless
  • Enterprise

Solution Segment Analysis

  • Identity And Access Management (IAM)
  • Encryption
  • Security Audit and VAPT
  • Risk And Compliance Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Antivirus And Antimalware
  • Firewall

Vertical Segment Analysis

  • Aerospace
  • Government
  • Financual Services
  • Telecommunication
  • Healthcare