Relying on Veresta’s insight, nations have attained effective symbiosis between the public sector and private industry, successfully achieving mutual goals.


Jump-start private and public sector agricultural initiatives to promote business growth and encourage self-sufficiency

Identify needs and plan effective solutions to create fundamental change, including training programs to improve professional knowledge

Boost agricultural production, adjusting crops to their agricultural zones

Lay the groundwork to develop an agricultural economy, including energy, transit infrastructure and water

Upgrade agricultural infrastructure in rural areas

Business Sectors

Empower disadvantaged sectors as well as those generating economic growth

Craft economic plans in collaboration with the government, third sector organizations and academia to meet national economic and monetary objectives

Construction & housing

Promote a variety of unique modern housing solutions, including quick, reliable, inexpensive, quality housing, such as fast-assembly prefab and industrial housing for disadvantaged communities in desperate need of shelter and temporary housing alternatives

Plan and manage construction and housing projects for urban and rural communities

Establish infrastructure and construct housing units and public buildings