Public works

With Veresta’s implementation expertise, civic leaders have achieved great leaps in employment, health, safety and recreation in the greater community, putting into practice deep-rooted transformations.

Water and sewage

Determine national water and sewage system needs, recommending and implementing broad improvements to sustain long-term development

Implement water purification and desalination facilities in both urban and agricultural areas


Assist in analyzing short- and long-term national energy needs and identifying and analyzing solutions to meet emerging requirements

Recommend alternative energy solutions, such as green and smart energy programs

Public transportation

Develop national public transportation plans, including vehicle acquisition and smart system acquisition for transportation management

Integrate disparate public transit systems



Develop an all-encompassing port master plan, architecting the engineering and functional designs and upgrading existing infrastructure

Lead build-operate-transfer projects, initiating and implementing port logistics and processing tenders for managing control processes

Set up port-wide security systems


Supervise national communications network reforms, including increasing industry competition and monitoring monopolies

Initiate strategic satellite communication projects and cyber-optics